Tiktok King Eugene Fitz Abbasi

The mysterious tiktok king Eugene Fitz Abbasi is on Tarunnoloak He is the only brother of two beloved sisters and business person father and a loving caring housewife mother. He got this spontaneous talent to express his feelings and fantasy through tiktok.People are gone crazy with his eyes. So expressive so lively.

Let us reveal a secret about Abbasi. He is an introvert and expresses his feelings shares his emotions with his family and friends and selective people. He loves to travel beautiful places. He has a great taste in listening to classical and melodious songs.Fiitz Abbasi is getting appreciationfrom media people. He is dedicated to do hard work in 16:9 frame in future.He is our aspiring hero Let’s pray for his success.

Em@il: fitzabbasi@gmail.com

Tiktok ID: eugene.fitz.abbasi

Facebook page: Fitz Abbasi

Instagram: eugene.fitz.abbasi

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