Domestic way to remove the bad smell of sweat

how to remove bad smell of sweat
how to remove bad smell of sweat

This time is the time of sweat and germ.Almost everyone suffers from sweating. To prevent stigma, we are dependent on the roll-on, bodicea-based cremation chemical aroma. Find out how to remove bad smell of sweat in the domestic system-

Nimpata boiled water: Boil the nimpata and mix the water with the bath water. Regularly bathing this water will make sure that sweat will not smell.

Gulapjal: Using rose water in the bath water, there will not be long sweat smell. Rather you will be surrounded by an awkward idea.

Baking soda: Make the baking soda and flour paste as much as the body, which is bagal, keep it under the chest and keep it for 10 minutes. Much like a mask. Then wash it with cold water. Regular use of this paste will not be the smell of sweat.

Honey: Regular use of honey and lemon juice in sweat but sweat does not smell. If there is a bath in the bath water, then the smell of sweat is kept away.