Aspiring model Faraaz is coming with great surprises

Tarunnoloak Reporter : Since his childhood, Faraaz Ali Sharif had a different attraction towards media and so began his fascination with the industry through modelling. He is expected to appear in music videos, short films and plays soon.
The combination of acting skill and excellent appearance has already caught the eye of some people in the media industry. Faraaz Ali Sharif’s only dream is to establish himself as a successful model and actor. This talented young man is set to conquer the hearts of people day by day. He wants to consolidate his position in the media world with his qualifications.
In the words of Faraaz, “I am working on a new music video. I want to move forward with the admiration and love of my audience who are from all walks of life. I am hoping to bring success in the future with the blessings of my fans.”
Faraaz was born in Dhaka to mother Tabien Kamal and father Sajjad Ali Sharif. He is the middle child amongst three brothers. Faraaz’s grandmother Zarina Asgar is known as the one who established the first Bangladeshi beauty parlour, post-independence named ‘Living Doll Beauty Parlor’. This is what inspired Faraaz to enter the media world.

When asked why he wanted to enter the world of modelling, Faraaz said, “My grandmother Zarina Azgar opened the first beauty parlour in Bangladesh. My entire childhood I have seen her working with different models. So I want to be a part of this industry to maintain her legacy.”
When asked about his future plans for modelling, Faraaz said, “I want to do more photoshoots and achieve success in my future plans. Hopefully, I can inspire boys and girls of my age to go after their dreams. I will strive to be a part of this industry.”
Even at this young age, Faraaz owns a popular online-based business called Z & Z’s. He follows Lucky Blue Smith as his icon in modelling. His favourite actor is Amitabh Bachchan and Humayun Ahmed takes the place as his favourite author.
When it comes to working in dramas or movies, he said that if the script is good, then he is definitely interested.
All in all, this young model-actor is slowly becoming very busy. Already, this talented young man has got offers to act in some more plays.
“I want to move forward with my talent, ability and the love of everyone in the place of my dreams,” he said. “I will do whatever it takes to be a good model. There is no end to learning, so I am constantly learning and want to learn until the last day.”