20 years of Kazi Riton in the media

For the last 20 years, Kazi Riton (Kazi Abu Bakar Siddiky) has been working as producer, actor, writer and director in the media industry of Bangladesh.

As an actor, he performed in the movie ‘Chandragrohon’, which won seven Bangladesh National Film Awards in 2008.

He started his career as an actor and assistant director. Later on, he also gets involved in producing and writing. He is the owner of film and television production company Black & White.
Currently, he is serving as the International Affairs Secretary of Television Program Producers Association of Bangladesh.

Regarding his long career in the media industry, Kazi Riton said, “I have presented many quality dramas from the very beginning. And those got popularity. I always try to pick good stories and scripts. As long as I work here, I’ll try to present quality content for the audience.”

As an actor he performed in several drama serials & TV Movies, including ‘Dour’ (2004), on BTV (Bangladesh Television, the state-owned National Television network), ‘Binocular’ (2005) on NTV, ‘Groho Konna’ (2006) on NTV, ‘Bachelor Dompoti’ (2007) on BanglaVision and ‘A Team’ (2013) on Channel i.

In addition, he has appeared as a model in several commercials like AKTEL (mobile network operator), Jamuna Bank, Bangladesh Biman Airlines etc. Under the banner of his own production company, Black & White, Kazi Riton produced another number of excellent productions e.g., TV Movies ‘Chaya Shikari’ (2021) on Maasranga Television, ‘Shohornama’ (2021) on Maasranga Television, ‘Khochai’ (2021) on BanglaVision. ‘Prem Ekattor’ (2020) on Maasranga Television, ‘Mone Mone’ (2020) on Maasranga Television, ‘Golpo Noy’ (2020) on NTV, ‘Apa’ (2019) on Ekushey Television, ‘Tom and Jerry’ (2019) on ATN Bangla, ‘Bad Man’ (2019) on Asian TV, ‘Opare Tumi’ (on RTV), ‘Science Er Meye Arts Er Chele’ (2018) on ATN Bangla, short films ‘Didha’ (2007), ‘Ontorikkho’ (2009), drama serial ‘Porer Meye’ (on NTV) (2020-2021), ‘Bachelor Dompoti’ (on BanglaVision), ‘Patigonit’ (on BanglaVision) (2010), ‘Boishak Theke Srabon’ (on NTV), ‘Chutir Dine’ (on Channel i), ‘Kagojer Ghor’ (on ATN Bangla), ‘Aim in Life’ (on NTV) (2008-2009), ‘Bidhu Babur Hashpatal’ (on BTV), ‘Khun O Otopor’ (on Boishakhi TV), ‘Asharay Golpo’ (on NTV), ‘Dur Desh’ (on Channel i), ‘Vitor Bahir’ (on Channel i), ‘Golmal’ (on BTV), ‘Ferrari’ (on Channel i), ‘Jhora Ful’ (on ATN Bangla), ‘Meye Thake Scotlande’ (on BTV), ‘Vagabond’ (on RTV), ‘Manush Mohajon’ (on Digonto TV), ‘Run’ (on RTV), ‘Monorama Arrogo Niketan’ (on Channel i), ‘Ural Ponkhi Mon’ (on Channel i), ‘Alor Khoje Kajona’ (on Channel i), and one hour dramas, ‘Voy’ (on Desh TV), ‘Ekti Kalo Britto’ (on Channel i), ‘Dhulo Bali’ (on Desh TV), ‘Fifth Gear’ (on BanglaVision), ‘Annopokkho’ (on SA.TV), ‘Jonoyko Jahid Hassan’ (on RTV), ‘Marathon’ (on BanglaVision), ‘Suronjona’ (on RTV), ‘Triteo Pokkho’ (on Desh TV), ‘Prem Noy Valobasha’ (on Maasranga Television), and ‘Shesher Ratri’ (on Channel i).

Afterwards Riton worked as writer for ‘Apa’, writer and director for short films ‘Didha’ and ‘Ontorikkho’. In recognition of his work, Kazi Riton has received several awards.

Mentionable, he has established a charitable organization, ‘Kazi Foundation’ for child rights and education.